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[Minsul] Minho SHINee and Sulli F(x) "Real Couple" Relationship?

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[MinSul] When Something REEL Turned Into Something REAL

Suddenly I find the time to write again about our OTP Minho and Sulli, or best known as MinSul by the shippers. With cute evidences already presented, but not yet proven, because there is no confirmation yet from MinSul, I decided to put my analysis just to make our minds wonder and believe that there's something more beyond meets the eye.

When something reel turned to something real. How can it happen? 

As oppa/dongsaeng relationship...

Let's backtrack again. Minho and Sulli are handled by the same agency/company which is SM Entertainment. They joined their respective group very early, Minho in his middle school while Sulli was still a grader. Both SHINee and f(x), their group are already familiar with each other. They of course practice maybe in the same studio, bumped into each other in hallways, attend meetings when summoned by the company and of course when there are events inside the agency. They do a lot of events together, TV shows, guesting and we can see from fancams and videos that both group are close like they are siblings. Minho once addressed Sulli as his dongsaeng. Not just dongsaeng but his favorite among f(x). He said this during a radio interview. Said Sulli is cute.

While Sulli is one of the youngest in SM, almost all her hyungs even in Super Junior, treated her like a precious sister. You can see how some of them always seemed protective of her during concerts. Because Sulli is such a sweet, beautiful girl.

From dongsaeng to leading lady...

To The Beautiful You came and the roles were given to Sulli and Minho to act as the leads playing a romantic role... first love.

Sure there would be awkwardness between these two young actors. Although they are already familiar with each other, acting in love is very different. Roles have to be learned, characters have to be absorbed to be acted perfectly and also to understand the character. Skinship can not be avoided. Holding each others hands, back hugging, piggy back and the intimate part, kissing. Between two young people who I assumed has never been in a real life relationship, and treating each other like sibling, these kind of scenarios will surely  flutter each others heart unknowingly, surprisingly.

Emotions can not be stopped or controlled like a machine. I think that Sulli and Minho were given the drama because everyone see the chemistry between them even in simple photo shoots. I saw how they look good on their previous works. There's something about them that makes you smile and say, They look good together!.

How could I know that maybe both of them feels something more towards each other even before the drama. Fan accounts were posted on how Minho was so sweet to Sulli, even they had a spat or something like that and Minho tried to cheer up Sulli. if you already read my earlier posts, you know what I'm talking about. So it would not seem impossible if while filming TTBY, a closer friendship developed. The talks and playing around  in between  takes which were captured in camera as BTS, the NG's kissing scenes that were repeatedly shot, comfortable hugging...all these could progress into a beautiful relationship.

From Reel to Real...

This is only my POV. Not a fact. But likely to happen. After TTBY, they were seen in more events, even though I'm sure the company tried to minimize Sulli and Minho being together alone. They were always in groups and sometimes far from each other. But there were some events that they were seen seated together, talking only with each other, and some fancams showing they walked side by side or Minho behind Sulli at airports. These little interactions can not be dismissed easily as nothing, because, there might be something real about them.

Sulli after TTBY is always wearing this necklace even during events. Perhaps, it is something special, given by someone special. Whoever it was, I still don't know. Maybe Minho, maybe not.

While recently, Minho is always holding his mobile phone. Even when he is being interviewed and at airports, he seemed he can not part with his mobile phone. Sulli is always seen, too texting while on her way to airports or somewhere. Both are in love with their mobile phones at the moment. Who knows, they are sending messages to each other. A great probability, possibility.

Could something reel turn to something real?

With all these facts, I say facts because what I wrote are true, [besides my opinion] it could happen. From reel to real, there is a chance to fall in love. Young hearts can be easily fluttered by something "first". And as for two kids who used to see each other as siblings, first skinship and intimate kiss could really make them realize that they feel something more towards each other.

I am just glad that MinSul did TTBY, because it was where it all began.:))

this is mslee1107 writing

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  1. if this is true, i would be happy for Minho and Sulli. I want to see more shows/dramas that they are still the love team :) <3 i love looking/browsing pictures of them together. :)

  2. i hope this is true bec. i love minsul couple :)

  3. Oh. Im so glad upon reading your analysis here. I do hope MinSul is real. I love them both.

  4. You've got a lovely site! Thank you for sharing the info about MinSul! I really hope they like each other in real life!!!

  5. I love this facts and opinion of yours. I wish MinSul will be in real life couple <3 The first time i saw them i already found chemistry between them <3


  7. they do the same thing at amazing f(x), when sulli call minho and then she ask him "what should we do before die?"

  8. MinSul the BEST!!! I really love the both of them! hope they will make a new drama, featuring minho and sulli (MinSul Love Story)!
    MINSUL fighting! <3

  9. MinSul was the BEST!!! i hope they will make a new drama featuring minho and sulli (MinSul Love Story) !!!

  10. Its almost been a year when TTBY first broadcat and still I cant help to love their partnership..I do hope they will be given again another drama as a couple. Sometimes i feel i want to write to SBS, MBC or any broadcast network just to say pls give MinSul another drama.

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