Saturday, March 16, 2013

[Minho and Sulli] My MinSul - OMO! I Spotted Something Similar... Couple Something?!

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As I was browsing for some new photos of Minho and Sulli for the recently concluded Bangkok concert held last night by SM artist I saw this photo of Minho with his hyungs and what captured my eyes, and literally they almost jumped out of my sockets.... hahahahaha

here's the photos for comparison!

Note: just an observation from a shipper's eye. 

Sulli's backpack and Minho's leather watch or bracelet.

It was a bonus that they even walked together yesterday on their way to airport to Bangkok.

screencaps by me

photo credit  shineetown

OMO! Similar, yes?! or almost. It may not be the same, it may not be couple things..but the similarity in print, [almost] is kinda awesome. This can be a discreet way to put on something similar, but anyhow, I am smiling!

Anyway, this is just my take as I see it. Not a fact, but definitely, something the eyes can see and speculate.:))

and my morning just turned happier!

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